Posted May 8, 2018 at 09:54 pm
sob story :'(

((And a couple announcements:

I'll be at TCAF this weekend- table 269 on the second floor!!
I'll have Q$ books, new prints, and I'll be debuting this extra collage comic about Roque and Vito's past!
I'll also have them at ACEN, fanime and ANEXT in upcoming weeks. The book is also available to order online, either as a physical book or pdf!

I also may have to skip a week or two of comic updates this month. back to back cons for over a month straight are always rough on me, and I haven't been in great health. I'm doing my best to update as often as possible, because keeping the story going is important to me, but I'm also reaching my limits and might have to dial it back a little to make it through all these cons in one piece. Thanks for understanding! ))
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