Posted February 12, 2019 at 12:09 am

Hey, sorry updates have been slow lately! As convention season is starting up again for me, I've been pretty overwhelmed and burnt out from work/life and have had less time and energy to dedicate to Quick$ilver as a result. Right now I intend to continue updates sporadically about 2-3 weeks apart instead of going on an extended hiatus.

In a more long term sense, I also wanted to give a heads up that I've given a lot of thought to changing up the format of Quick$ilver soon. This is something that has crossed my mind several times since starting the comic, and I've reached a point where the amount of work and refinement that goes into each page has become pretty unsustainable. Part of that is because this comic is no longer my only narrative endeavor, and I'd like to be able to dedicate more time to some of my other projects that I'm excited about. 

I'm planning to switch over to an illustrated script style format after finishing up the next several comic pages of this arc/scene. So it's a ways off, but I think slightly less frequent updates with less of an emphasis on full page art will help me continue this project without feeling like it's such an enormous strain on my time and energy, while also going through the planned story at a relatively similar pace. Regardless, Quick$ilver is a story that I have planned from start to finish and it's something I intend to finish, no matter what form it takes.

Thanks again for reading and enjoying this story and its characters, your support means the world to me. <3


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